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We work with a number private banks and specialist lenders, catering towards high net worth individuals. Whether you need a mortgage, want to borrow against an investment portfolio, our advisors will work closely with you to understand your lending needs and look to provide sophisticated solutions.  We can arrange security against most asset types to meet your individual requirements.

Lombard Loan 

If you are looking for additional liquidity but still want to benefit from your investment portfolios return, or wish to invest in new opportunities without selling your securities, a lombard loan can be a more flexible option

You obtain additional capital without having to sell your existing securities holdings.

You continue to receive the capital appreciation and income potential of your securities.

You may alter the structure of your portfolio at any time. The credit limit assigned to you will be adjusted accordingly.

You gain access to a flexible alternative to mortgage financing.

Private Bank Mortgages

Private banks attract high net worth borrowers with substantial AUM.

For very wealthy individuals, such as those with over £10m in assets, AUM requirements can be removed. Private banks will want to build relationships with the aim to obtain future business.

Revolving Credit Facility

The Revolving Credit Facility works exactly in the same way as a traditional bank overdraft. By securing against one or more properties, borrowers can access quick cash when they need it, whilst only paying interest on funds that they drawdown. This can be particularly useful for borrowers wanting to purchase at auction or take advantage of a distressed sale with a cash offer. 

No long-term commitment

Almost immediate availability of funds

Maximum flexibility

Interest charged daily

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